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Full Service waste management, residential junk removal, residential junk hauling and junk dump service. Complete cleanups of residential and commercial locations and worksites. We have the solutions for the most challenging waste management issues. We haul everything residential waste be it yard debris & yard clean up services, junk appliance removal, furniture removal and disposal services, mattress removal we have the solution. Hauling water heaters,junk refrigerators, washer or dryer air conditioners, freezers, construction site cleanup, remodeling debris removal testing and dump service.We remove haul and dump dirt rock concrete removal services, asphalt removal, lumber, wood waste removal hauling and disposal, junk trash debris cleanup dumping service

7-Day junk cleanup & dump services. We provide fast efficient hot tub removal services storage shed clean outs yard debris removal disposal and recycling

Wood Waste Removal

Wood Debris Hauling And Dump Service

Wood Waste

Yard Debris Cleanup

Yard Debris Removal

And Dump Service

Yard Debris

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Sod Hauling And

Sod Disposal Services

Sod Yard Waste

Residential And Commercial Carpet

Removal & Disposal

Carpet Removal

Appliance Removal

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Furniture Removal,

Furniture Hauling And

Dump Services


Mattress Hauling  Mattress Removal

Mattress Disposal


Hot tub Removal

Hot tub Hauling Dump Service

Hot tub Removal

Roofing Shingles.

Tar Paper Tear Off.

Cleanup And Dump

Roofing Material

Concrete Removal

Concrete Hauling

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Concrete Hauling

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Dirt Hauling 

Dirt Disposal

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Garbage Collection.

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Garbage Hauling

Portland Junk Hauling,Junk Removal Service





Be it preserving ecosystems or reducing the impacts of pollution, our planet needs care.

Our junk removal/junk hauling service provides waste management services preventing the dissemination of pollutants from residential and commercial waste by making sure the removal and disposal of your junk,trash,yard waste, garbage or hazardous waste is recycled when possible and environmentally controlled for proper cleanup and disposal.

At "Portland Hauling Service" we take extra care to detail and attention to your personal needs,providing a professional junk hauling / Junk Removal & dump service.Our garbage collection service or junk Hauling from your residential or,commercial location open 7-days. Portland, Gresham, Vancouver, Beaverton


Metro / Making a great place

As the elected regional government for the Portland metropolitan area, Metro works with communities with junk removal dump services and garbage collection services in Portland, Vancouver, and Beaverton..


Recology  WASTE ZERO

WASTE ZERO is our approach to resource recovery.



Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

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